A new hydropower unit will be launched at the Shardara hydroelectric station before the end of 2018

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In 2018, a new hydraulic unit will be launched at the Shardara hydroelectric station. The first of four new hydrounits will start functioning in December. 

With the introduction of new equipment, the service life of the hydroelectric station will increase to 35-40 years. 

As of today, technological equipment has been tested and the main construction and installation works have been carried out. 

It is worth noting that the equipment at the hydroelectric station, according to the norms, can work up to 25 years, while the Shardara hydroelectric station has been operating for 51 years. 

Before the start of a large-scale modernization of hydroelectric power plants, the wear and tear of used equipment reached 100 percent. Further operation of the equipment has become inexpedient from the point of view of economics and reliability of operation. In parallel with the commissioning of the first hydraulic unit, the second is being built. 

Installing it will be done after the launch of the first. It is noted that at the same time the dismantling of the third will begin. 

A phased update of hydraulic units will allow the station not to reduce its performance. Thus, until March 2020, a full upgrade of all four hydraulic units is planned. 

Due to the large-scale reconstruction of the Shardara hydroelectric station, its capacity will increase by 26 percent, and the service life will be up to 35-40 years. As a bonus: reliability of use will increase and the level of accidents at the station will decrease. 

According to the specialists of Samruk-Energo JSC involved in the launch, the project is of great importance for providing electricity to the energy-deficient Turkestan region and improving the efficiency of water use in the region. 

The total cost of the project is 38 billion tenge. Funding is provided at 32 percent at the expense of own funds, 68 percent at the expense of borrowed funds. 

Shardarinskaya HPP was commissioned in 1967 with an installed capacity of 100 MW. After completion of the modernization, the capacity will be 126 MW.